Die Formech 686 Tiefziehmaschine ist mit einem pneumatischem Tisch ausgestattet. Dadurch sind auch schwergewichtige Werkzeuge einfach zu formen. Die Funktion Vorblasen sorgt für eine gleichmäßige Materialstärke bei besonders hohen Formen.

Die Stützluftfunktion verhindert ein Absacken des Materials und gewährleistet dadurch ein gleichmäßiges Erwärmen der Platten. Die einfach zu bedienende Touch-Screen Steuerung ist mit 20 Programmspeicherplätzen ausgestattet.

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PLC Steuerung mit farbigem 5” Touch-Screen

Mitsubishi integrated PLC/HMI with 5" colour touch screen control and 20 Programmspeicherplätze.

Quarzheizung mit variablem Stand-By

Quartz heaters have the benefit of a rapid response and high efficiency resulting in time and energy savings.

6 unabhängig einstellbare Heizzonen

Six heating zones and quartz heaters provides rapid heat response with a greater range of control to form challenging shapes and materials

Pneumatischer Tisch

Lifts tool table quickly and precisely making effortless operation, even with heavy tools. Twin controls avoid accidental activation.


Pre-stretch enables the user to pump air into the heated sheet, creating a bubble to avoid thinning of material with deeper tools.


Avoids material sag during the heating cycle and maintains an even distance between heater and sheet whilst providing the user with an audible indication the material is ready to form.


A visual indication of consistent vacuum pressure being applied (pressure in Hg / bar).      


Drehschieber- Vakuumpumpe trockenlaufend 16m3 / hr

Stromversorgung Einphasig
208-240V / 40A 
960mm / 37.8" 
Formfläche (mm / Zoll)
646 x 620mm / 25.5 x 24.5" 
Materialgröße (mm / Zoll)
686 x 660mm / 27 x 26" 
Maximale Ziehtiefe
320mm / 12.6" 
Max Materialstärke
6mm / 0.25" 
Anzahl der Heizzonen
Heizung Art
1165mm / 45.9" 
1932mm / 76.1" 
Nettogewicht Maschine
260kg / 573lbs 
Stromversorgung Europe – 3 Phasen
380-415V / 32A 
Stromversorgung USA – 3 Phasen
208-220V / 40A 
87 PSI / 6 bar 


Reduces forming area to utilise smaller sheets of material and minimise wastage. Standard or custom size.


Overhead gantry and single 125W fan to cool formed material and shorten cycles times.


Assembly to hold reel materials.


Sensor to provide accurate sheet temperature feedback and send heaters back upon reaching target temperature. Emergency air storage tank supplies cooling continuity on shut-down to protect pyrometer.

Wassertemperiete Werkzeugaufnahme

A water cooled plate to directly cool and regulate aluminium tool temperature for consistent and faster cycle times.

Feststellbare Rollen

Verstellbare Tischhöhe

Table height adjust shortens the tool table travel when using shallow tools and reduces cycle time.


A vacuum reservoir to accommodate instant high flow rate demands to shorten cycle times (includes related PLC and user interface upgrade when fitted to 1372).


Featured Customers

  • Brunel University (Education – UK)
  • Domus Academy (Education/Design – Italy)
  • Lockheed Martin (Aerospace – USA)
  • RAF (Royal Air Force – UK)
  • Mecachrome (Automotive – France)
  • Raytheon (Defence R&D – UK)
  • Revision Military (Defence R&D – USA)
  • Xerox (R&D – USA)
  • Wild Blue Tech – (Design – USA)
  • Jim Marshall Speakers – (Prototyping – USA)
  • Neurospin (Neuroimaging research – France)
  • UnternehmerTUM Lab GmbH / TechShop (Education - Germany)
  • Google (Electronics - USA)
  • Microsoft (Electronics - USA)
  • Chuck Steel Ltd (Film & Video - Special FX Props - UK)
  • SteriTouch Ltd (Hospital & Medical - UK)
  • Merit Medical Systems (Hospital & Medical - USA)
  • BioFire Defense (Hospital & Medical - USA)
  • Optimax (Optical Solutions - USA)
  • Kaleidoscope (Prototype Packaging - USA)
  • Pomat Peters (Sign Making - Nigeria)
  • Milan Cerny - Sklotex Plasty (Trade Former - Czech Republic)
  • Polyfoam Kautschuk GmbH (Trade Former - Germany)
  • Rhode Island School of Design (Education - USA)
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Education - USA)
  • Institute of Design at Stanford (Education - USA)
  • Illinois Institute of Technology (Education - USA)
  • Savannah College of Arts & Design (Education - USA)
  • Art Center College of Design (Education - USA)
“I have always advocated the use and development of vacuum forming to students studying on the BA Technical Effects for Performance and would be lost without the input of the team at Formech… We use and experiment with a wide variety of thermo plastics and even create forms without making a rigid mould.”
Caroline Gardiner, course leader of BA (Hons), Technical Effects for Performance London College of Fashion

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